Why You Need A Professional Designer

I will attempt to explain why you should invest your money on hiring a professional designer.  There are a million reasons why you should (OK, maybe a dozen important reasons) but this particular blog will only give you ONE  really important reason…


Because of my background in architecture, I can not neglect SCALE.

There are so many people who can’t seem to grasp the idea of scale.

The Oversized Couch


Does your sofa look like the one above when it is in your living room?

Restrain might be a good word for you to learn…Cute as it may be to purchase your sofa in your favorite color in the world.  But, really?

When you have an 8-foot ceiling in your living room, do not purchase a sofa like the one shown below.  It may be beautiful in your eyes but please hold back your enthusiasm.


Let’s take a look at an undersized loveseat.

Look at Barbie, for example.  She even knows how to pick her own furniture.  As much as she wanted to pick the pink loveseat made especially for her, she remembered the magic word…



Need I say more?  Do you think about scale when you purchase your furniture?  Do you take your measuring tape when you go shopping?  Will you remember about scale?  I bet your professional remembers!