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Diary Of A Boutique Showroom Face Lift – Part 3

Diary Of A Boutique Showroom Face Lift – Part 3

Milestone 6 – Exposing Ceiling

Remember these photos?  After one visit, I asked Gene to see if we can lift the one of the panels of the dropped ceiling.  I told him that I suspect that there are beautiful hardwood structures above just waiting to be seen.


Took a peek and sure enough, EUREKA!!  So down all of those panels went.

Boutique Showroom, here we come!!!

Sometimes, a place is a living, breathing organism.  Remember, this is a fast track design, a fast track project.

Now that we’ve exposed its inner beauty, just need to enhance it with some details.  A face-lift, if you will.


Found and reclaimed old wall siding/planks from the attic of the building. Re-purposed as crown molding.


Milestone 7 – Enhancing the floor with Crossville Tiles

MORE work to be finished…


Shades Collection from Crossville Inc., Crossville tile, chevron pattern on tile

Hmm…can you guess the pattern?

Testing the pattern for Crossville Inc tiles from the Shades collection.

Crossville Inc, Metal Collection, Stainless Steel, Brushed

Because the contractor didn’t have the right tools to cut the Stainless Steel tiles ( , I decided to design a pattern so as not to cut these tiles.  I used the Barnwood Gray from Wood Impressions collections and cut those to fit the vignette space instead.

Vignette No. 2

Another vignette to house a farmhouse sink.

There are 7 total vignettes.  I’ll keep you posted!!