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Category Archives: Bath

Have You Heard of Mr. Steam?


Is this Mr. Steam?

No silly.  That is not Mr. Steam.  What would Mr. RMD say?!!!

I was introduced to Mr. Steam and experienced Mr. Steam by #BlogTourVegas leader, Veronika Miller, the CEO of Modenus.com.  Mr. Steam sponsored our last day of fun and finally, relaxation during Design and Construction Week 2015 held in Las Vegas.

It was here when it started.  Mr. Steam invited us all to a scrumptuous lunch at the Aria, in Las Vegas plus a nice bonus gift!  A TALA gift set.



Since I am writing this at the eve of Valentine’s Day, it may be one gift that your significant other might enjoy.  Seriously.   Trust me, we were treated to a Spa and Salon, and it was wonderful!






TALA Gift Set, the perfect Valentine’s gift!



But you really stopped by to learn about Mr. Steam.  Right?

Did you know that it’s easy to turn your future dream bathroom into your own personal private SPA?

Before you visit Mr. Steam’s new Virtual Spa System, make sure you have your professional designer design your dream Mr. Steam bathroom that can give you ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy, MusicTherapy, wall seats and towel warmers!

But if you already have an existing bathroom, don’t fret.  There are many ways to accomplish the SPA goal but Mr. Steam makes it fast and easy for you to create and visualize a personalized home steam shower all in a simple step-by-step process (which I actually borrowed from their website).

First, copy the steps shown below and print so that you have a reference quide.  Now click here.

  1. Enter your shower dimensions and room material to automatically select the right generator for your enclosure size.
  2. Choose a control package and finish that perfectly complements your home.
  3. Select a convenient spa package or items a la carte.
  4. Opt for accessories that will enhance your steam experience, turning your home into a retreat from everyday life.
  5. Add a towel warmer to complete the experience, and your virtual spa tour is complete.


Would your SPA have…

iSteam Smart?










Would it have AromaTherapy?




AromaTherapy by Mr. Steam

AromaTherapy from Mr. Steam



Would it have a ChromaTherapy?

ChromaTherapy from Mr. Steam

ChromaTherapy from Mr. Steam



Would it have a bench or two…

MS WallSeat from Mr. Steam

MS WallSeat from Mr. Steam

Well, if you can’t decide, give me a ring!

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