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Before And After Basement Renovations


Yes! It is time to renovate your basement. Why not increase valuable real estate within your real estate! Honestly, it is the ‘cheapest’ way to add square footage to your living space. Think about it. No additional cost for a foundation, exterior wall and roofing materials!

So let’s get on with it. You’ve made it here so obviously, you have been thinking about how you will add quality living space for entertaining with the family and friends. Does your basement look like the picture below?

RMD Designs, LLC.

Potential Entertainment Area
Look at all that space. What a tragedy. It would be such a waste to leave it as is, bare bones and all. It’s no wonder you don’t go down there at all. Who wants to live in a dungeon? Right?

This basement was done in 2006. To this day, my client tells me that they use this space daily. There is now a game area, a guest bedroom, a theatre room, a billiard/pool room, a ‘walk-up’ bar, and still have enough room for storage.

At the time of construction, Clients had two teenagers and a son in medical school. They really wanted a space for the youngest, who was in high school, to have a space for his friends. Obviously, the bar is for the adults! The thought in adding this extra space for entertaining at this point in their lives is to be able to spend more time with their youngest son. Most teenagers would prefer to spend their time away from home but ‘if you build it, they will come’. Meaning, if you provide a special place for them, they will stay and even invite their friends to have fun with! And you know what? Here’s the bonus…you get to see who your kids are hanging out with!

RMD Designs, LLC.

Now the kids are all grown and out of the house. Guess what? Now my clients have a party house. A place to enjoy with friends. What are you doing friday night? Come on over to Cheryl’s basement and help yourself to a glass of wine or a martini…shaken or stirred?

RMD Designs, LLC.

Help yourself to anything! Martini? Beer? Wine?…

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