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Top Expert in Interior Design Industry 2024

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Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Fixr.com has just unveiled its 2024 lineup of 124 top experts in the interior design sector. This exclusive list highlights the influential figures in the industry who consistently contribute to its advancement through their innovative work. Fixr.com’s rigorous selection process assesses candidates based on their expertise, experience, and their role as a source of inspiration for others. These individuals, recognized as Top Interior Designers, have achieved success at both national and local levels and boast remarkable projects as well as esteemed reputations.

Being featured on Fixr.com’s list is a testament to each expert’s prestige and standing. According to Remodeling Specialist Charlotte Granville, “Within the realm of interior design, Home Designers play a huge role in establishing new trends. For homeowners seeking to modernize their homes, these 124 professionals are the go-to authorities for keeping up with the most recent design developments.”

Inclusion in this list means that Fixr has demonstrated strong leadership and expertise within the interior design industry. Fixr’s ongoing innovation is a crucial driver behind the continued growth and evolution of interior design practices and trends in 2024.

About Fixr.com

Fixr.com is a home improvement resource specialist with the mission of helping homeowners make better home remodeling decisions. Fixr.com is unrivaled when it comes to providing unbiased, thorough, and updated cost guides, price comparisons, and cheat sheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation, and repair projects. When the homeowner is equipped with the necessary knowledge, Fixr.com connects homeowners with the best-matched contractors in their area to begin their home improvement projects.

For the complete list, visit: 124 Top Interior Design Experts 2024

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