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Show Me The Money And Ill Show You The Wow!

RMD Designs blogs’ mission is to show a series or show phases of the design process in mini, mini, mini snippets. Whether it’s construction process, design process, or just plain before and after photos.

Let’s Start with this kitchen project, shall we?

RMD Designs, LLC.

Before – A tired old kitchen
Clients called and I was soooo excited. They wanted to update their kitchen.


…ooohhh…Oh boy…one catch…

They wanted me to know that plans to move out of this home in a few years are inevitable and they didn’t want to ‘dump a ton of money’ into this tired old kitchen.

Of course, I had an answer, silly…

The neighborhood, in real estate terms, can handle the cost to fully renovate this kitchen but that was not the goal here. So I asked them what their budget was…and they told me! Imagine that.

Show me your budget and I’ll show you how we can create a WOW kitchen without ‘dumping a ton of money’. By the way, most often than not, for whatever reason, clients do not like to divulge this KEY information. What could they be thinking…hmmm. To this day, I am still scratching my head on that one!

RMD Designs, LLC.

After – An Updated Minor Renovation
Luckily for me, the home/kitchen had GREAT BONES. I focused on a great rangetop which was top on her priority list as a novice cook. Great hood and added lighting. New island, of course. Added a few details…

Detail No.1: The Hood

RMD Designs, LLC.

New Hood
Yes, you should. Go ahead and look at the ‘before’ picture. You didn’t think I was going to leave that whimpy little chandelier, did you? Also, they had an old Jennair cooktop with a rear exhaust/vent. Did that really ever work? Come on, now! Don’t forget to look at the light fixtures next to the new hood. Perfect accompaniment. Just two please.

Detail No.2: The Island Cabinetry

RMD Designs, LLC.

The Black Island
Ahh, yes. The island. Existing Cabinetry is oak. Can’t marry that with any other wood species…no, no, no. And no. Clients had a beautiful black dining set in the breakfast area. Never mind what they say about not designing anything around movable objects. This was too good to pass up. Lucky me…again. Psst…take a look at the lighting at the end of the island. Just a little some-mm, some-mm.

Detail No.3: Granite

RMD Designs, LLC.

Need I say more?
Detail No.4: Shape of Island

RMD Designs, LLC.
Why settle for plain Jane?
So, you see, it doesn’t take a lot to have a great kitchen. Forget about the idea that you have to live with the old and tired kitchen that you have when you know you can dress it up a bit without ‘dumping a ton of money’! Are you ready for change?

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